Cyclists welcome



Art Hostel is part of the nationwide Cyclists Welcome certification system (, which includes accommodation and catering facilities as well as tourist destinations with top quality services for cyclists. From the very beginning, we offer bike enthusiasts the perfect base. They can use the lockable bike shed guarded by a camera system. Each guest who states in the reservation form that they have a bicycle will receive an access code to the bike shed. Inside, there is also a panel with bike tools necessary for routine maintenance. The certification has been provided since 2005 by the Partnership Foundation, which is the national coordinator of Greenways, the European EuroVelo network, the Elbe Trail, and Moravian Wine Trails. Thanks to the successful certification, you’ll find Art Hostel in all partner information sources of the Cyclists Welcome project. For example at,, and, or in bike route maps and guides of the SHOCart publishing house.